About Us


The Dean of Students Office (DSO) at Iowa State University uses an integrated approach to support student-centered learning through personal, community and academic development culminating in a transformative experience. 


Reporting through the Division of Student Affairs, the DSO provides numerous opportunities for students to connect beyond the classroom. The 14 departments are grouped within four spheres of influence: Student Life, Student Success and Retention, Social Justice and Inclusion, and Wellness. Although each department is situated within a particular sphere, resources and services are provided across all dimensions of the Dean of Students Office mission. This collaborative model illustrates the dynamic synergy with which DSO departments merge to create and support a common community experience for Iowa State University students.            


The following values are broadly applicable to the work of all DSO units across each of the spheres:

  • Intersectionality
    We understand that effective work to support the holistic success of students must be informed by an integrated approach that encompasses multiple experiences, perspectives, and identities.
  • Community
    We create an environment that encourages connectedness, belonging and positive interpersonal relationships.
  • Advocacy
    We work on behalf of students to help them navigate the University community; we also encourage them to find their own voice such that they can advocate for themselves.
  • Action-oriented
    We provide a wide range of resources and services and encourage students to use them to maximize their experience at Iowa State University.
  • Outcomes-oriented
    We regularly assess our programs, resources and services to ensure they provide opportunities for holistic learning.